Tailored succession solutions that safeguard the further development and long-term success of companies.


Every company succession situation is unique. Besides the history of the company itself, an important role is played by the ties that it has to its location and by its workforce, its customers and other stakeholders. Most significant of all, however, is the individual situation and the needs of entrepreneurs and their families. In most cases, these entrepreneurs have built up and honed their life’s work over decades and are concerned to leave it in good hands when they ultimately step down.

This means that flexibility is not only desirable but a key success factor that must take centre stage both when it comes to capital succession – i.e. selling shares in the company – and when drawing up and implementing operational succession plans. Relevant topics include the entrepreneur’s own role following succession, the possibility of remaining involved, finding a suitable operational successor, the possibility of getting people from the company to join the shareholder base, tax aspects and, of course, the intentions and horizon of a possible financing partner.

Over the last 20 years, INVISION has shaped many succession plans together with its entrepreneur clients, finding a tailored solution for every case. Needless to say, INVISION is well aware that there is no such thing as a standard solution when it comes to succession.

Which in turn means that we are flexible as regards our investment horizon. The overriding goal is to implement the succession plan together effectively and to take full advantage of the growth potential that this entails.

The spectrum ranges from minority interests to the sale of an entire company. Succession is often a good opportunity to sell a majority stake in order to provide the necessary leeway to the next generation or management level. At the same time, however, it is usual for you and your operational successor to still be involved in the company. We are looking for business-minded partnerships at both operational and shareholder level.

The role that you assume after the company succession is one that you choose yourself. This ranges from remaining on as managing director or in an advisory capacity, through to withdrawing from the operational business completely. As well as your own plans, this depends above all on whether a suitable operational successor has been found or whether we need to find one and prepare the ground together.

Our experience shows that a joint transition period is the ideal way to go. This gives you the opportunity to ease into the succession process while we prepare your successor for the challenges that lie ahead.

Operational succession can take place either internally or externally.

If you have one or more suitably talented people in your company who would like to assume entrepreneurial responsibility, then the cornerstone for operational succession is already in place. Our experience suggests that this constellation offers you the best and most flexible way to withdraw from everyday operations.

In many cases, however, internal succession is not an option. Here, INVISION provides proactive assistance with the search for a suitable candidate who not only has the specialist expertise but who, above all, is also a suitable fit for the company’s culture. INVISION has a wide network of contacts in various sectors and maintains a pool of potential candidates that we would be happy to put at your disposal.

We will work together to familiarise your operational successor – whether internal or external – with their future role and allow managers to participate financially in the company as well.

The need to maintain continuity and the company’s identity is of the utmost importance for INVISION and is generally an integral part of the future entrepreneurial partnership.

We see the business-minded know-how of employees and the company’s regional ties as competitive advantages and key driving forces behind future company development.

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