Minority investments in constellations in which INVISION can take an active role as a shareholder with a long-term orientation.


There are different reasons why selling a minority interest is a good step to take first.

This might refer to the succession of one shareholder while the rest wish to remain on board (such as owing to differences in age or lifestyles among the shareholders). In such cases, INVISION creates a market for the company shareholdings and acts as a straightforward succession platform.

Another reason for selling a minority interest in a company is to raise new capital for strategic acquisitions, projects or to establish a partnership providing the expertise required for such ambitions.

However, selling a minority interest may in certain cases also be a suitable first step towards establishing a succession process for the entire company. People often have difficulty parting with their life’s work all at once and prefer to be sure that the future partner is the right one for their company. In such situations, the initial step of selling a minority interest allows them to get to know the potential partner and to implement the succession process over a predefined period of time.

In such situations, it is of central importance for INVISION that the interests of all shareholders are aligned and that a basis of trust is established for future dealings between the majority shareholders and INVISION. In addition, a clear plan for implementing growth steps must be mapped out.

INVISION will provide you with specific support with regard to topics such as internationalisation, digitisation and strategic acquisitions – but also when it comes to seeking out and recruiting capable, motivated employees.

In situations where the succession process is to take place gradually, the main focus is on establishing the operational successors and creating a smooth transition stage.

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