Coming on board as a stable and financially strong anchor investor with a focus on sustainable company development.


Companies listed on the stock exchange or whose shares are traded over the counter (OTC) frequently lack a stable shareholder base that has a long-term outlook and is involved in key growth initiatives while guaranteeing that the company remains independent.

This prevents the company’s management and board of directors from developing the full value potential of the company and from positioning itself effectively in the competitive environment or initiating the necessary innovations.

A suitable anchor shareholder establishes stability and enables the company’s management and board of directors to concentrate not only on everyday business but, above all, on long-term company development. This not only benefits the company itself but also stakeholders such as employees, customers and suppliers.

The stock exchange’s short-term focus can get in the way of sustainable company development. In such situations, “delisting” or “take private” transactions may well be the right move for a company.

When it comes to establishing a shareholder base with a long-term orientation or setting up succession arrangements, INVISION is the kind of pragmatic and business-minded partner that you need at your side.

This is on condition that INVISION can take an active role itself in the form of a minority or even a majority shareholder.

Generally speaking, INVISION assumes the role of an active anchor shareholder that puts its weight behind the necessary company development initiatives, thus creating added value in the long term. If possible, we would like to play an active role as a member of the board of directors. This is on condition that we are able to develop a vision for long-term company development together with the board and the management.

INVISION is the ideal choice of partner for majority shareholders and management teams that would like to take their investments off the capital markets in order to allow a long-term perspective corporate development rather than quarterly thinking.

INVISION is an expert and financially strong partner for reallocating share blocks in SMEs quickly and easily, be it listed or unlisted companies.

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