Corporate Spin-offs

Spinning-off group divisions that can develop their value potential more effectively as independent entities.


Corporate groups increasingly need to focus on their core competences and to deploy their resources accordingly. Individual business units that lie outside the core focus can only maximise their value potential in such situations outside the confines of the group – because this allows them greater entrepreneurial flexibility and a long-term perspective.

This is a golden opportunity for entrepreneurially minded managers.

Spinning-off a group company – from the wings to centre stage.

AHowever, even untapped opportunities can be brought to their full potential through in-depth market knowledge. This will also change your role greatly – from a salaried employee to an entrepreneur who also has a financial stake in the company.

In most cases, however, this remains a pipe dream – the necessary capital and experience with transaction processes are lacking and discussions within the group are difficult.

This is where INVISION can help. As a potent external investor that has overseen a great many transactions, we can not only initiate dialogue in the company but can also provide the credibility and capital needed to make it all work.



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