Together with INVISION, you can become an entrepreneur as part of a management buy-out or buy-in.


For private individuals, many obstacles stand in the way of owning a business, especially when it comes to taking over established companies. In many cases, they lack the capital required to finance a takeover, as well as experience of the necessary transactions and negotiations.

INVISION enables committed managers or management teams to make the step from salaried employees to entrepreneurs.

The following conditions are essential for a management buy-out or buy-in:

  • You have identified a company. This means that you know which company (or even companies) you would like to steer through its (or their) next growth phase – not just as managing director but, above all, as co-owner
  • You have many years’ experience working in the sector in question
  • And perhaps most important of all: you are business-minded, hands-on and have the energy and motivation needed to take a company to the next level

There are many different constellations that can give rise to a management buy-out. This might be the case if you are currently working in a company in which succession is imminent or in which you have identified significant potential for improvement. Or you have a managerial position in the company that is part of a corporate group but can only maximise its value potential independently (Corporate Spin-offs).

If you have extensive sector expertise and an in-depth knowledge of the company that you would like to take over and run yourself, we can provide you with the necessary assistance as part of a management buy-in. This means that we will not only be at your side as a financial partner but will also provide active support with all transaction-related matters. It is often difficult for private individuals to be taken seriously when they are planning to take over a company. We will be at your side here as well and, if you wish so, can make the first move in approaching the company.

If such an entrepreneurial challenge appeals to you, please do not hesitate to contact us.


As part of an individually designed equity investment programme, we allow you to participate in the target company at attractive conditions so that you will benefit accordingly from its future performance. The extent of your financial involvement depends on your personal situation and the plans that you have developed.

When we say that we will make you into a business owner, that is exactly what we mean.

You will manage the company with your many years of expertise in the sector and your in-depth knowledge of the market.

INVISION will provide you with specific support here and, depending on your requirements and circumstances, will also be at hand to help with issues such as internationalisation, digitisation and strategic acquisitions – but also when it comes to seeking out and recruiting capable, motivated employees.

We are an active partner who will not curb your entrepreneurial freedom but will provide specific assistance where you need it most.

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