Fresh capital and know-how for implementing long-term growth strategies.


Major growth steps such as internationalisation, strategic acquisitions or investing in a company’s product or service portfolio often exceed a company’s own financial resources, especially in instances when these initiatives are most urgently needed. In order to maintain entrepreneurial flexibility in such cases and to be in a position to take decisions with a long-term orientation, it may make sense to seek out an external financial partner in the form of growth financing..

INVISION not only helps to secure the financing necessary for this new growth path, but also draws on decades of experience in internationalisation, strategic acquisitions, innovation and digitising business models. As well as this, INVISION has access to a wide network of industry experts who are at hand to help it seek out and recruit highly capable and motivated employees for implementing such initiatives. Accordingly, INVISION does not see itself as a passive provider of capital. Instead, it plays an active role in driving forward company development together with the owners and management teams.

In such situations, it is of central importance for INVISION that significant growth potential exists and that there are concrete ideas as to how this can be captured using new financial resources. Furthermore, the interests of all shareholders must be aligned and a basis of trust established for future dealings between the shareholders and INVISION.

First of all, the identified growth potential is prioritised and the financial requirements determined. Following this, INVISION will provide you with specific assistance in addition to the financing and, if requested, will endeavour to help implement the planned growth steps.

In phases of strong growth, equity-based financing has the advantage that liquidity does not have to be used for interest and amortisation payments but is available for running the business instead. Joining forces with a long-term investor like INVISION also ensures that all parties are interested in sustainable company development and that decision-making processes can be shaped accordingly. After all, growth financing may also prove to be a means of ushering in long-term company succession plans.



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