Stanislas Wawrinka announced as the Swiss Education Group’s new ambassador

The Swiss Education Group, one of Switzerland’s leading hospitality educators, announced today, the appointment of Stanislas Wawrinka as its new ambassador. As someone who is ambitious and always strives for excellence, the tennis champion is the perfect embodiment of the values of the Swiss Education Group’s schools. “A fighting spirit, perseverance, respect and humility are the values that have guided me throughout my career. I have rediscovered them in the spirit of the Swiss Education Group’s students,” explains Stanislas Wawrinka.

Keen to offer its students not only excellence in their education, but also in their study, work and leisure environment encouraging a healthy way of life, the Swiss Education Group aims to raise awareness amongst students of the positive values of physical activity, thanks to its new ambassador. More broadly, the group seeks to promote actions that can help to prevent dependency problems amongst young people.


As a top-level sportsman and someone passionate about cooking, Stanislas Wawrinka is an ideal ambassador for the Swiss Education Group. “You have to work hard to reach your goal. It’s taken me a long time to become what I am. That’s what I want to pass on to young people. On top of that, I love cooking. It’s a creative profession – difficult but fantastic,” continues Stanislas Wawrinka, who could easily have had a career in haute cuisine if he had not become a tennis champion. Similarly, the Swiss Education Group sees sport as an essential part of a rounded, wellbalanced training programme, helping to improve cognitive performance and bolster self-confidence.


Welcoming more than 5,000 young adults each year, the Swiss Education Group also takes its responsibilities seriously when it comes to fighting all forms of addiction including alcohol, drugs or tobacco. With this in mind, the Swiss Education Group has joined forces with The Mercury Phoenix Trust, a foundation based in Montreux, whose particular goal is to fight the spread of HIV on a global scale focusing on awareness among young people. On 31 May and 1 June 2014, students from the group will be organising a “Freddie for a Day” event in collaboration with The Mercury Phoenix Trust, the local government of Montreux and Allianz Worldwide Care. The event’s goal is to raise funds for the foundation and simultaneously pay tribute to the rock band Queen and Freddie Mercury. This public event will be dedicated to prevention amongst young people.

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