Invision supports the Vista Alpina Eye Center in its further growth

The Swiss investment company Invision has made a significant equity investment in the Vista Alpina eye center in order to support the company’s future growth strategy.

Vista Alpina, with its two locations in Visp and Siders (in the Canton of Valais), is a leading eye center and an important regional health care provider. Apart from the regular eye examinations, Vista Alpina offers almost the complete spectrum of eye surgery. All surgical procedures take place in its own operating theatre (hospital standard) in Visp.

Dr Kristof Vandekerckhove, founder and medical director, has been managing the renowned eye center since 2008 with his medical competence and strategic experience. Together with his colleagues, he will continue to focus on the quality of eye care and will build on the success of Vista Alpina. «For our patients and our employees, everything will remain the same» he notes and adds «Our highly motivated team of 8 ophthalmologists as well as 21 medical and administrative employees has worked continuously on the development of Vista Alpina. We are very proud of the unique culture we have built and of the great eye care that we provide to our patients. For us, each and every investment and operational restructuring must serve the quality of our patient care – everything else is secondary.»

Dr. Vandekerckhove adds: «The excellent cooperation with and between the various partners within the Valais health care system (doctors, opticians, pharmacists, referring physicians, the Medical Association and government authorities) has contributed significantly to our success and has allowed us to treat a large number of patients and at the same time create many attractive jobs.»

Participating in an attractive, growing market

The growing demand for high-quality ophthalmological care is driven by the demographic shift (aging) and the rapid pace of development in the field of ophthalmology. Vista Alpina plans to apply its successful concept more widely and make its offerings accessible to a larger number of patients in the future. Invision will work closely with the Vista Alpina management team on strategic initiatives to support further growth based on high-quality care (staff, processes and infrastructure), whilst achieving the critical mass required in the wake of the cost pressure in the healthcare sector.

Dr Vandekerckhove comments: «We are convinced that the partnership with Invision lays the foundation for long-term growth of Vista Alpina. As an experienced Swiss investment company, Invision thoroughly understands the regional needs and the challenges in the Swiss health care sector. I am very much looking forward to the cooperation with Invision.»

Martin Spirig, partner at Invision, says: «We are proud to once again get involved in the canton of Valais, this time with Vista Alpina. We are impressed by how Dr Vandekerckhove and his team deliver top medical performance on a daily basis through streamlined processes, and despite considerable cost pressure.»

About Vista Alpina

Vista Alpina is an eye center with locations in Visp and Siders. Founded in 2008, the company today has 8 doctors and 21 medical and administrative employees. It has quickly established itself as an important provider of ophthalmology services in the canton of Valais. The spectrum of services includes eye examinations, conservative treatments, as well as over 4000 surgical procedures a year, including cataract, retinal and eyelid operations as well as surgical correction of vision disorders.

Further information is available at www.vista-alpina.ch.

About Invision

Since its foundation in 1997, Invision has become one of the leading investment companies for succession situations and growth financing in Europe. Over this period, Invision has invested over EUR 750 million in equity capital in more than 50 companies, achieving sustainable value creation. Invision is a dedicated and entrepreneurial partner to founders, entrepreneurs and management teams. For all its investments, Invision places emphasis on thoroughly understanding the specific needs of the company as well as its founders, developing individual and tailor-made solutions.

Further information is available at www.invision.ch.

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