Invision portfolio company SEIP AG acquires H.B.S. Group

In summer 2013, Invision embarked upon an industry consolidation in the commercial training and development sector and acquired HSO with the Swiss Edu Investment Partners AG portfolio company (SEIP AG). In a second move, SEIP AG is now investing in H.B.S. Group in Rapperswil-Jona. This aquisition will further strengthen Invision’s market position in the Lake Zurich region and the Canton of St. Gallen. With its education portfolio, H.B.S. fits in very well to the existing Group. This merger takes SEIP AG a further step towards realising its vision of creating a new market leader in the Swiss commercial training and development sector.

H.B.S. Group was founded by its current owners in 1982 and has undergone continuous further development over the past 30 years. With an education spectrum ranging from basic commercial training, further training and management development through to language and IT courses, H.B.S. Group has established an attractive service portfolio. The merger of H.B.S. Group with SEIP AG will bring many advantages in terms of development, marketing and positioning. The founders will remain co-invested and still be available for operational and strategic issues.

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