Changes amongst the Partners at Invision AG

Gerhard Weisschädel is leaving Invision and entering retirement. Martin Spirig, at Invision since 2009, has been appointed a Partner.

Gerhard Weisschädel has been with Invision for over ten years and was involved in a number of transactions. His responsibilities included overseeing razor blade manufacturer Feintechnik, which he successfully sold to Harry’s, a fast-growing U.S. company, in 2014. Prior to Invision, Gerhard Weisschädel was with Veronis Suhler Stevenson, a leading media investment firm, and Deutsche Telekom, amongst others. Before this, he founded CTS Eventim, an online ticketing service firm listed in Frankfurt.

During his time at Invision, Martin Spirig has been responsible for the acquisitions of Nebus (add-on to Boost) and Kraft & Bauer, as well as for the divestment of Feintechnik. He is currently responsible for our investments in RSD, Boost and Kraft & Bauer. Before joining Invision, Martin Spirig worked for Bain & Company in Singapore and for the Federation of Migros Cooperatives in Switzerland.

Frank Becker, Managing Partner at Invision Private Equity: “We deeply regret Gerd Weisschädel’s departure. Not only is he an astute investor, but also an inspiring and enthusiastic colleague. We welcome Martin Spirig as a new Partner; he has shown himself to be exceptionally successful and dedicated these past five years. It means that our investors can continue to rely on the consistency and immense dedication of the Invision team.”

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