Vantage Education takes on BVS St. Gallen as a new partner

In the past 18 months Swiss Edu Investment Partner AG, the education investment of Invision Private Equity AG, was able to enter into a partnership with the HSO group of schools (consisting of the H.B.S. Schulen and the HMZ academy). This makes the Swiss Edu Investment Partner AG one of the leading providers of private business education in Switzerland. The strong brands of each individual school will be further advanced to target their specific local markets. With effect of January 1st, 2015 the Swiss Edu Investment Partner AG will be positioned under the umbrella brand of Vantage Education AG to further enhance the shared goal of continuous student advancement. Mr. Stefan Leuenberger will assume the group’s CEO position.

Together with the announcement of the umbrella brand, we are very pleased to welcome BVS St. Gallen as our new partner in the group (by January 8th, 2015). BVS is strongly positioned in advanced vocational and professional education and will substantially strengthen the group’s portfolio with innovative and instructive courses. The previous owner of BVS Mrs. Myrtha a Marca Schmid will remain on board and will take on full responsibility for all HSO as well as BVS operations in St. Gallen.

Vantage Education is creating substantial value for all involved parties and last but not least for our students who will benefit from even more attractive and continuative courses. We are very satisfied with the development of the group as well as with each of the operating schools and will keep you informed about any future progress.

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