INVISION acquires equity interests in HSO

Thanks to its tireless innovation and development work in recent years, HSO has succeeded in establishing itself as a key provider of hands-on business education in the Swiss education market. And with the introduction of its new name – HSO Wirtschaftsschule Schweiz AG – in the spring of this year, the company assumed a new strategic direction and laid the foundation stone for the next stages in its development.

At the end of June, INVISION is to acquire a majority interest in HSO Wirtschaftsschule Schweiz AG and will be accompanying HSO on its further growth path. As a leading Swiss equity investment company, INVISION focuses on taking innovative companies to the next level. Among other things, it has developed the Swiss Education Group into the largest Swiss network of hotel management schools.

Frank Becker and Marco Martelli of INVISION will be joining HSO’s board of directors. Both also have a seat on the board of directors of the Swiss Education Group. Dr Beat Nägelin is to remain president of HSO’s board of directors. When managing the company, they will rely on the proven expertise of Sven Kohler, Stefan Leuenberger and Dr Günther Singer, who will continue to steer the fortunes of HSO. The entire management team is fully committed to preserving HSO’s unique identity.


HSO is one of the leading business schools in Switzerland. Since 1954, it has been geared firmly towards the needs of the market. The core of its success is the expertise-oriented and hands-on business education made possible by the dual education system that has made Switzerland one of the most successful countries in the world.

Founded as a state-of-the-art business school in Zurich-Oerlikon, HSO now has six locations and over 3,000 students. Serving the entire Swiss market, the business school provides everything from basic commercial training to a doctorate in economics. What is unique about HSO is that – thanks to a meticulously coordinated education programme – it takes specialists and managers to the next step on their career ladder. This ranges from Swiss graduate and postgraduate studies to Bachelor programmes recognised throughout Europe and globally accredited Masters and doctorate programmes.


Today’s market needs people with maximum competence and creativity on both a national and international level. This is where HSO plays its part – for the success of its students and for a functioning, thriving economy.

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